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Ultimate Blanket Size Guide: Throw, Baby, Twin, Queen, King

March 15, 2021

To ensure that you’re always well covered and comfortable, blankets come in a wide variety of sizes. From blankets for babies to covers for king-sized beds and everything in between, it’s possible to find the ideal blanket size to ensure the perfect fit.

When choosing the ideal blanket, you want to make sure it has the right dimensions to match your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we provide the blanket sizes for several types of beds to help you find a proper fit.

Blanket Sizes and Dimensions for Each Type of Bed

Having a properly fitting blanket ensures that you get the maximum comfort. When the blanket fits correctly, you can be sure to keep warm and snug. In addition to covering you well and keeping you cozy, a blanket looks its best when it’s the correct size for its intended use.

Throw Blanket Size

Decorative blankets, throws are perfect for draping over furniture like couches and chairs. The standard throw blanket size measures 60”x50”, but for larger furniture such as sectional couches some may prefer 60”x72”. In addition to decorating your space, throws provide cozy comfort right where you need it. For instance, a soft, warm throw on a couch can help ensure a comfy afternoon nap. 

Denali’s ultra-comfortable classic and sports throw blankets come in a wide variety of designs and patterns, ensuring that you can find the ultimate throw in the ideal throw blanket size.

Baby Blanket Size

Measuring just 30”x36”, baby blankets are designed to make baby feel warm, comfortable, and secure. Keep your baby cozy with a plush, cute Denali baby blanket. Kid-safe and cozy, Denali baby blankets offer the ideal baby blanket size.

Twin Blanket Size

Designed to cover a twin bed to keep you warm and comfortable, a twin-size blanket measures 60”x84”. At these dimensions, the blanket can easily fit on a twin and twin XL mattress. To complement your blankets, Denali has bedding for twin, queen, and king-sized beds.

Queen Blanket Size

Designed to fit a queen size mattress, queen blankets measure 90”x90”. These spacious blankets fit best on a queen mattress, but you can also use them for a full bed or a thin king bed if needed. Decorate your bed with a Denali queen blanket, and you’re sure to stay comfortable.

King Blanket Size

The largest blankets you can find, king size blankets measure 108”x92”. These blankets fit the standard king and California (Western) king, the latter of which is four inches longer than the standard. King blankets ensure that every inch of your king-sized bed stays covered, comfortable, and warm.

Tips When Choosing a Blanket Size

While measurements are important to get a good fit for your blanket, measuring isn’t the only criteria. It’s a good idea to consider several other factors before choosing a blanket size to ensure you select the right option for your needs. Before purchasing a blanket, consider the following:

Do you want an oversized blanket or snug fit?

Some people prefer to have a blanket perfectly sized for their bed to ensure a snug fit, while others prefer a bit of extra fabric so it hangs over and can move around during the night. This is especially important if you sleep with a partner, as it may be better to go for a slightly larger blanket so you don’t have to worry about one person being a blanket hog throughout the night. Additionally, if you’re purchasing a throw blanket then you’ll want to take the size of your chair or couch into account so you don’t buy one that’s too large or small. Think about how you plan to use the blanket and how size enables or limits those functions.

Account for mattress height/thickness

Mattresses come in a wide variety of heights and thicknesses that factors in when determining the ideal blanket size. The standard thickness of a mattress ranges from 9-12 inches, but slim mattresses may be 6-8 inches while thick mattresses can be 12-15 inches. A few inches can be the difference between a snug or loose fitting blanket, so take this into account when looking at blanket sizes.

Determine if you’ll want a bedskirt

For beds high off the ground, you may want a bedskirt that hangs below the mattress down to the floor to prevent dust from accumulating under the bed. Additionally, some people use bedskirts because of the aesthetic it adds to the bed. If you have a bedskirt or plan on getting one, keep that fact in mind when choosing a blanket. Ensure that your bedskirt isn’t covered up by the blanket by opting for a snug blanket you can tuck in, rather than an oversized blanket that will hang over and cover your bedskirt.

Think about if this will be a multi-purpose blanket

What will you be using your blanket for? The answer to this question will help you choose the right size. For instance, if you’ll be primarily using the blanket in the living room for extra comfort and decoration or outdoors to keep warm, a blanket such as a throw would be the ideal choice. By comparison, for bedding you’ll want a larger blanket suitable for use as a bedspread.

Check the material before buying

The material of the blanket is important to look at when choosing a blanket size because some fabrics are lighter and thinner than others, which affects the look and feel of it. For example, a silk blanket will be light and sleek, while a fleece or wool blanket will be much heavier and thicker by comparison. In addition to aesthetics, this also affects the weight of the blanket when using. A large wool blanket may be too heavy for use as casual throw blanket, while a silk blanket may not provide adequate warmth when wrapped up. This is especially important for choosing a baby blanket to ensure the child is comfortable when sleeping. As a last note, make sure the material is soft and not scratchy. Denali’s special knitting process, for instance, features MicroPlush® fabric that feels luxuriously soft on the skin.

Learn the washing procedure to avoid shrinkage 

Blankets that are used frequently will eventually get dirty, making it necessary to wash them. If washed improperly, the blanket could shrink, fade, or even fall apart. To keep your blanket soft and prevent shrinkage, it’s important that you learn how to wash your blanket properly. Additionally, if you think your blanket will need to be washed frequently (such as for picnic blankets), make sure you purchase a blanket that’s designed with durability in mind. Denali blankets are made to last and offer a lifetime warranty so you can take them on countless adventures! 

Tartan Plaid Sterling Blanket

Transform your home with a perfectly sized Denali blanket

With their colorful, eye-catching designs and soft, comfy feel, Denali blankets make an incredible addition to your home. Our blankets come in multiple sizes and styles to suit your specific needs.

Thanks to our innovative fiber technology, our blankets also help ensure the perfect body temperature. Hand-stitched, ultra-thick and ultra-durable, Denali blankets guarantee you’ll always be comfortable!

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