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How to Wash Throw Blankets: Safe and Easy Steps

September 01, 2020

We all have a favorite blanket, one that sits on the couch and gets used on a daily basis. Maybe it’s fleece, or crochet, or plush — there’s a lot of different types of blankets, and over time these blankets get dirty which is why it’s important to know how to wash them. No matter what type of throw blanket you have, we’re here to show you how to wash it.


How to wash fleece blankets

Fleece is one of the most common types of throw blankets because of it’s excellent softness, but if not washed carefully you’ll find that it can easily lose color or fall apart after a few washes. 

To help your fleece blanket last, make sure to do the following:

  1. Wash in cold water on gentle, as stronger wash settings may cause knots to form.
  2. Use a small amount of detergent, as using too much can stick to fibers and make it less soft. Avoid bleach, as it damages fleece fibers and the blanket’s dye.
  3. Dry your fleece blanket on low heat, as high temperatures will cause shrinkage and curling.
  4. Remove and fold immediately after drying to prevent wrinkles. Avoid irons, which can melt fleece fibers.

How to wash an electric blanket

Electric (also known as heated) blankets are a great way to stay warm on cold winter nights, but you definitely need to exercise caution when washing to make sure you don’t ruin it.

To wash an electric blanket, follow these steps:

  1. Check if your electric blanket is machine washable, many older electric blankets require hand washing whereas newer blankets may be fine going through a washing machine.
  2. Regardless of whether you are washing your electric blanket by hand or machine, disconnect all cords and cables.
  3. Either set your washer or fill a bathtub with lukewarm water, since cold or hot water can damage the internal wiring within your blanket.
  4. Fill the washer or tub with a mild detergent (no bleach). If you are washing by hand, mix the detergent throughout the tub until there is a widespread layer of foam.
  5. If using a machine washer, set it to gentle/delicate and let it run for 2-3 minutes only before skipping to the rinse and spin cycles (any longer and you risk damage). If hand washing, let the blanket soak in the soapy water for 15 minutes, then gently squeeze it in sections to remove dirt and dust (do not wring it out, which can damage wires).
  6. The high heat from a dryer can damage the electronic components in an electric blanket, so its best to air dry on a shower rod or use a tumble/no-heat setting if your dryer has one.

How to wash a weighted blanket

The small microbeads or pellets in a weighted blanket make a lot of people weary to wash it (for fear of it ripping open creating a mess in your washer), but there is a safe and easy way to clean it without ruining the blanket.

Follow these simple steps to wash a weighted blanket:

  1. Check the weight of your blanket, as weighted blankets more than 20lbs should be hand washed to prevent damage to your washing machine. If your blanket is less than 20lbs, it should be fine for most household washers.
  2. Whether you’re washing in a machine or bathtub, you’ll want to use cold water and a light detergent that does not contain bleach or fabric softener.
  3. Machine wash on delicate, or hand wash by gently squeezing the blanket in sections
  4. Blankets more than 20lbs should be air-dried by hanging on a shower rod (hand evenly so the beads don’t fall to one side), while blankets less than 20lbs can be put in a dryer on low heat.

How to wash crochet blankets

Crochet blankets are extremely delicate and may be the most cherished of all blankets if you made it yourself or if it was a gift from a family member. Depending on the type of yarn used, you may need to use a specific washing method.

To help you keep your precious crochet blanket in tip-top shape, follow these washing instructions:

  1. Check what type of yarn your crochet blanket is made out of. In general, you can machine wash acrylics, cotton, and polyester yarns. However, you’ll want to hand wash if the material is silk, mohair, or unknown (just to be safe).
  2. Fill up a washer or bathtub with cold water and a light detergent. 
  3. Use a delicate or permanent-press cycle if you are machine washing. If you are hand washing, let the blanket soak in the soapy water for 15 minutes before draining the tub and refilling with cold water. Gently press or squeeze the blanket to remove any remaining soap.
  4. Do not put a crochet blanket in a dryer (even tumble drying may cause tearing or stretching). Instead, lay one or multiple towels on a flat surface such as a floor or table and evenly lay your crochet blanket on top of it
  5. Leave the blanket to air dry, and check back in a few hours to see if you need to swap towels. Even if the blanket seems dry, it’s best to leave it for 24hrs before using it again.

How to wash wool blankets

Wool is great because it offers great ventilation and breathability to help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, plus it also helps repel moisture away from your body. In fact, we love wool so much that we made 100% lambs wool mattress pads that make it easy for anyone to transform their bed into a cozy cloud.

Although wool is popular, it’s also notorious for shrinkage and felting when washing which is why you should follow these steps when washing your wool blanket:

  1. Before washing, lay your wool blanket on the floor and gently brush it in the same direction with a soft-bristle fabric brush to remove things that may be caught in fibers.
  2. Check the tag to see if the blanket is machine washable.
  3. If you are machine washing, use cold water and a mild detergent. If hand washing, fill a tub with cold water and circulate a mild detergent throughout.
  4. Regardless of whether you are machine or hand washing, you should let the wool blanket sit in the soapy water for 15 minutes prior to washing.
  5. If machine washing, run your washer on delicate for 2 minutes before switching to the rinse and then spin cycles. If hand washing, gently squeeze the water out of the blanket and continue doing so until all soap has been removed.
  6. It’s best to let wool blankets hang dry away inside away from windows, as even the heat from sunlight can cause shrinkage or felting.


Invest in a blanket that doesn’t fall apart when you wash it

If you’re tired of blankets falling apart after only a few washes, its time to invest in a throw blanket that lasts. Denali’s Microplush throw blankets are made to survive machine washing, and actually get softer with each wash. While many blankets print colors or designs onto fabric, we dye our fibers before production to achieve long-lasting colors that’ll look just as good on day 900 as they do on day one.

In addition to being extremely durable, our blankets are also incredibly soft which provides exceptional comfort. You’ll want to spend all day and night snuggling in our cozy blankets, which also regulate temperature by creating billions of air pockets between fibers to help you maintain an ideal body temperature in warm and cool conditions. 

Check out our wide selection of classic, sports, and baby blankets to find your new favorite throw.

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