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Ultimate Guide to Homegating

November 02, 2020

With football season in full swing, it’s time to celebrate. If you’re like many fans stuck at home this season, you may be looking for a way to make gameday more exciting than just turning on the tv and hopping on the couch. Providing the fun of tailgating with the comfort and convenience of home, homegating is all the rage this football season.

If you’re a loyal fan looking to make the most of gameday from your house with family or friends, follow these crucial steps for a great homegating experience.

1. Plan ahead

Most well-run events take some planning. A homegating event is no different. Whether you’re homegating with family or a small group of friends, you’ll want to check off your list to ensure you’ve got everything you need for game day festivities.

Make the planning fun by including partygoers in the process. For instance, you can ask attendees for food and drink ideas. Plan to decorate together before kickoff.

You may be surprised at the fun and unique ideas people have. It’s interesting to see everyone’s take on what makes an NFL or college homegating party a blast. Asking for planning input also helps you ensure that everyone has a good time.

2. Focus on food

Whether you’re entertaining just your family or a few close friends, stomachs are likely to be rumbling. Ensure you have plenty of tasty finger foods on hand for the festivities to keep homegating guests satisfied.

When planning the menu, keep in mind food sensitivities. Ensure you have a good mix of snacks that appeal to a wide variety of tastes and food preferences. If possible, consider organizing the food in a way that highlights the big game.

Appetizers are always a hit. Here are some popular finger food options to consider serving.

  •         Buffalo wings
  •         Jalapeno bites
  •         Mini pizza
  •         Mini tacos
  •         Hotdogs in a blanket
  •         Sliders
  •         Crudités and dip
  •         Chips and guacamole
  •         Fresh fruit

If you know the gang will be sticking around for a while, opt for filling items they can dig into at halftime. The more comforting the food, the better. (Especially if the “other team” is winning!)

Consider serving up chili (great in a slow cooker), fried chicken and all the fixings, mac and cheese, pork and beans, and of course burgers and hotdogs.

Don’t forget fun dessert items. Satisfy dessert lovers with goodies like s’mores, cookies, cupcakes and hot fudge sundaes.

3. Serve up tasty, thirst-quenching drinks

All that cheering can make you and your homegating companions thirsty. Serving up something to sip on while you’re watching your team play is a must. 

To make planning easy, provide staples like iced bottled water, soda, beer, and wine. Then for something different, make up a pitcher of a mixer that you can serve without alcohol or with spirits.

Make the occasion even more fun and exciting by serving up drinks in theme mugs and glassware featuring your favorite teams’ logo and colors.

4. Create excitement with theme decorating

One of the perks of homegating is how easy it is to decorate for the occasion. Get helium balloons filled with your favorite teams’ colors and let them fly. String up a banner with your teams’ name and hand out pendants.

The same goes for the food and drinks. Decorate cupcakes with mini pendants and helmets. Make football sugar cookies featuring icing in team colors.

5. Provide comfortable blankets

Comfortable, cozy items like blankets and pillows are a must for enjoying fall football games. When these items feature your favorite teams, you’ll find yourself cheering louder. If you’re showing the game outdoors, grab a durable blanket and lay out on the grass.

Denali Sports Blankets provide lots of opportunities to warm up and cuddle. Choose from a wide assortment of college and NFL throw blankets to showcase your team pride.

Denali blankets offer amazing comfort and unparalleled durability. They’re perfect for cozying up on the couch when homegating, and durable so you can bring them tailgating when stadiums re-open. Unlike most cheap throws, our colors won’t fade, so your Denali blanket will look just as good on day 1 as it does on day 900. To make things even more comfortable, make sure to add extra cushy pillows, which are made from the same soft and durable Microplush material as our blankets.

6. Dress the part

Finally, make sure to wear team colors or attire on game day! Whether it’s a jersey, shirt, hat, or something else — encourage guests to rep their team at your next homegating get-together. If you know some people attending your event don’t have team gear, ask them to wear team colors. Even better, see if you can find cheap party hats, rings, or other gear that may have the teams logo and pass it out when friends or family members arrive. 

Overall, the most important thing for a great homegating event is spirit and enthusiasm. Don’t think of it as watching a game on TV, get excited and make your homegating an amazing experience that’ll have guests asking you to do this every week.

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