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Big Game Recipes

January 23, 2017


Here are a few of Elite Team's favorite recipes and ideas for the Big Game. 


Snack Stadium

Want to impress everyone this year? Check out this amazing snack stadium with step-by-step instructions on how to build this stadium. Don't have time to build your own stadium? Amazon offers some pre-made options.


Team Jello Shots

Are Jello Shots more your thing? We found a list of the best tasting Jello shots by color that can be applied to any team to match your NFL blanket. 

Need a change of momentum? Break out your Elite Team blanket to turn the tide and give your team a good luck charm when they need it most! Show off your XL Patriots Blanket that will hopefully become your new lucky blanket. 

Football Shaped Food

This is the biggest football game of the year, so show off your love of the game by making everything football-shaped! Here are 25 Football Foods for Watching the Big Game!

For those of you that may need a nap during the game, grab your NFL blanket from Elite Team and sneak in a little shut eye after the halftime show and when the local commercials air... Trust us, you won't miss anything.

We all know the key to enjoying the Big Game is enjoying the food and getting a good seat. So, while your family and friends cook up their favorite recipes, you should grab your favorite NFL blanket, snuggle up on the couch and grab the best seat in the house.

Do you have a favorite recipe for the Big Game? Share in the comments below! Be sure to show off your Patriots blanket, Falcons blanket or any other NFL blanket you're using to watch the Big Game on social media using #EliteTeamBlankets and #PureFandemonium.