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When you don a Denali sports blanket, you’re making a statement that says, move over. Here comes the world’s biggest fan. So, show off your endzone moves, heckle opposing team fans, and wave your team blanket with pride, knowing you’re representing your team with the best. Whether you tailgate every weekend and want a durable sporting blanket that will last for years to come, or you simply want something soft and warm for those cold winter gamedays — our blankets are up to the challenge. In fact, the fibers we use create billions of air pockets to help maintain an ideal body temperature in both cool and warm conditions so you can bring it to games throughout the year. Clutch the blanket tightly as your team lines up for the game-winning kick, and throw it in the air as the ball soars between the posts. Our blankets are made to last and will be with you to support your favorite team every game.