Georgia Bulldogs Blanket

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Goooo Dawgs, Sic ‘em, Woof! Woof! Woof! Represent the way only a true fan can. Show your true colors with a Georgia Bulldogs Blanket and pledge allegiance to your team. Our Georgia Bulldogs Blanket is made from an ultra-soft Microplush fabric that keeps you cozy and comfortable wherever your team takes you. Denali blankets also dye colors into fabric instead of printing, so your Georgia Blanket will look great season after season. Feel for yourself what makes our Bulldogs Blanket the Official Blanket of Pure Fandemonium.


Wrap Yourself in Black and Red With Our Georgia Bulldogs Blanket

With a history dating back to 1785, The University of Georgia or “UGA” is one of the America’s most tenured schools, growing considerably with a current class of over 37,000 students and an alumni association of nearly 300,000 proud Bulldogs across the world. In fact, the motto of the alumni association is “Never bark alone” and it’s because every Bulldog is family, the UGA alumni association even hosts gameday watch parties across the country so fans can support their school together.

Speaking of alumni, The University of Georgia has a remarkable list of household name former students including Ryan Seacrest, Alton Brown, Terrell Davis, and Kim Basinger among others. Beyond a list of famous names, the school also has a rich history of unique on-campus traditions such as the Dawg Walk before home football games, ringing the Chapel Bell to celebrate accomplishments, and taking a picture with the famous Bernard Ramsey statue on North Campus.

Whether you’re a current student or a longtime alumni, showcase your school loyalty with a Georgia Bulldogs Blanket from Denali. For your next gameday, wrap up or wave your Bulldogs blanket and shout “Go Dawgs, Sic ‘Em!” to support your school. Our Georgia Bulldogs Blanket is ultra soft for gamedays at home, but also durable enough to survive tailgating at Sanford Stadium. It’s also a great dorm throw for current students, and is perfect for picnics at Herty Field or Lake Herrick. This season, wrap up in black and red and support your school with our Georgia Bulldogs Blanket.

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  • Ultimate Comfort: Our super-soft Microplush fabric is like wrapping yourself with a cloud.
  • Survives Washing: They’re made to withstand heavy laundering and get softer with every wash.
  • Made in the USA: American craftsmanship and 100 percent imported acrylic are combined to make every blanket.
  • True Colors Won't Bleed: Our colors are dyed onto the fabric itself and look as good after years of use as they did on day one.
  • Regulates Temperature: Innovative fiber technology is designed to regulate temperature, keeping you comfortable in any season.
  • Two Blankets in One: Our blankets are actually two blankets hand-sewn together for luxury you can feel and durability on which you can depend.
  • Drapability: Lightweight fibers and flexible filament-knit backing provide unbeatable softness and drape.
  • Lifetime Warranty: If you’re not completely satisfied with our blanket, simply return it within 60 days of purchase for a complete refund or replacement. We will also replace any Denali blanket purchased after 2017 that’s damaged beyond repair by normal wear and tear for as long as you own it.